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Vogue Paris
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Candy visits The Katacomb

After getting back from LA last week from an extremely successful buying trip (Valentino and Chanel, just to name a couple of the 30 + new beautiful and unique pieces that have been added to the racks), and going right into an all day photo shoot with some of my favorite girls, I got some great news! The Daily Candy editor wanted to come in and take a peek around The Katacomb. Here is the link to take a look at The Katacomb featured today on the site. And they also used a picture taken of one area of The Katacomb by my really talented and beautiful friend Sarah Jean Berry.


The website has taken longer than expected due to me being very particular, but I'm hoping for it to be up this week. Fingers are crossed... It will have a feature on the site that I will put up one item from the collection each day and sell it off. Once it is sold, that's it for the day. The next item will be posted the next day. It's called the One and Done.

Stay tuned :)

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