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Vogue Paris
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to The Katacomb Blog

Hello and welcome to The Katacomb Blog. Please read the profile that I posted on the side to get an idea of the concept of The Katacomb. To briefly reiterate, The Katacomb is a collection of beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that I have found all over the world. I have been really excited to share with you all what I have been putting together over the last year. Some final details are still being taken care of, but for the most part The Katacomb is ready for you to visit. When you book an appointment with me in The Katacomb (at that time I will release the private Rittenhouse location of The Katacomb), I'll provide you with my personal styling service as well as a private place for you to shop at your leisure. I also encourage you to try on every piece I have. Since I usually have a wait list, please be courteous if you can't make your appointment and need to reschedule, and give me at least a 24 hour notice which would be greatly appreciated. Below I have included some more details that will be helpful to you for your appointment. I'm always brewing La Colombe coffee, tea and have a freshly brewed pitcher of ice tea ready. Wine and/or cocktails are always welcome and I have been know to pop a bottle of Veuve after a successful visit to The Katacomb.

Please allow for the appointment to last around 2 hours. I do prefer to keep appointments to 1-3 clients. So if you want to come alone, that is wonderful and if you want to bring a friend or two, that is wonderful too. I like to keep it small so I can focus on my clients needs and wants. Also, since most of what I have is vintage, we may need to fit the garment to you for the perfect fit. I have a master tailor who is wonderful and gets the alterations done very quickly for me, so don't worry about waiting too long for your new fabulous addition to your wardrobe. Everything in the Katacomb has been hand selected by me, organically dry-cleaned and will be fitted to perfection for you. I encourage my clients to come to the Katacomb as if they were going on a date. Clothing always looks better when you have your hair done and face on. Also, please wear either a plain black or white shirt, bring or wear your favorite jeans/pants/leggings and your favorite heels. Having these items makes it helpful to see the whole picture. I look forward to meeting you for your private appointment at The Katacomb. Please email or call me to set up your appointment.