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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Katacomb: Vintage #3

Hi there loyal Kat blog peeps. I know I know, I had a nice two day flow going and then I just stopped... Unacceptable, totally. I apologize about the hiatus, but I have been so busy mixing up some other ideas, that this kinda tumbled to the end of my list, but no excuses. I can't have you all getting mad at me again. So I'll try to keep the blog going on a daily basis.

I've been looking over Spring and Summer fashion trends that we have to look forward to if we ever get out of this wintery, arctic-type weather. To be honest, my first flip through, I thought it was dark and too much going on. When you think of spring, you think airy, light, whimsical. Not so much on the runways this year. However, I do have my favorites. Balmain and Chanel topping the list. Balmain with it's edgy glam and Chanel's resort collection with their floral dresses, jumpsuits, 60's denim on denim, wide brim straw hats, the deeper hues of red, gold and brown mixed together but still light. Yea, this collection is why I must head to St. Barts... Now... With all of that Chanel lined up in my closet when I get there. In the mean time... Even through the darkness of other designers there was light with Blumarine lovlies, Dolce & Gabbana lace details, Chloe neutrals, Nina Ricci fluid ensembles, and Valentino's (I can do no wrong) sophisticated sexiness.

Overall, I think spring will be fun and interesting. Because if you don't like the trends, do your own thing and just add the one, two or ten that you do like. That's the best way to go anyway. You create your own unique style and throw in a trend to keep it fresh. Simplicity always kills it, so when in doubt keep it simple. That is my Tuesday Tip of the day :)

That brings me to a lovely quote for the day by the beauty Sofia Loren.

"A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view."

I could not agree more. Keep it simple and classic.

My fashion find of the day is this ring by Shaun Leane at:


Photo of the day is a peek at Balmain's Ouchie looks. These are also a must have, need'em pieces.

Since my two favorite houses for spring were Balmain and Chanel, it only makes sense to tell you a little fact of the intersection between the two. Karl Lagerfeld worked for the designer Pierre Balmain who famously said "dressmaking is the architecture of movement." which seems to have a clear connections to Lagerfeld's style for all the house for which he designs.

Thanks for reading today! Alexis and I are going to be putting together some open houses here at The Katacomb and major discounts shall apply. Stay tuned for the first open house!

This past weekend I picked up a few fabulous pieces from Bela Shehu and her Nino Brand. I absolutely love love love them! Thanks Bela. If you haven't yet, make an appointment to see her pieces at bela@shehu.net.

Have a great day and stay warm. Think Spring!

xo bd

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